Why Vintage Audio? Don Jones Explains

Why Vintage Audio?

The vintage amplifier market can be very kind to you if you keep an eye out for a bargain. Usually the word “vintage” refers to antiques, early sports cars, tweed jackets and strong cheese but I’m going to apply it more loosely here to describe old audio equipment from the 60s all the way up to the late 80s, with a few exceptions to be made for early 90s models too.

Vintage Audio - McIntosh


In order to build yourself a decent home audio setup you will need at least two components: an amplifier and a pair of speakers. For source audio you can simply use a computer, TV (more on this later) smartphone with a streaming service, or old MP3 player. Getting hold of old tuners, CD players and turntables isn’t out of the question, but if you’re a digital convert with terabytes of music you are unlikely to invest in a cassette deck any time soon.

In fact solid state amplifiers run cooler, require less maintenance, are easier to transport and will sound great compared to cheap PC speakers. Remember that a high-end valve amp will show just about any solid state up for what it really is, but a second hand solid state amp has far more chance of coming into your possession at an affordable price. Better still, you might snag an absolute bargain.

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