Free Set-Up with new Stylus/cartridge setupp!

Now through Christmas, get free set-up on your turntable when you buy a new cartridge/stylus/needle from Don Jones Custom Stereo!


Free Setup for your Turntable Cartridge!

With the near-complete erosion of support for vinyl playback at the retail level audiophiles devoted to the analog disc should have the turntable properly aligned for optimum playback!

The goal of vinyl playback is to extract, as faithfully as possible, the tiny signal carved into the surface of the record by the record cutting lathe. If the stylus replicates exactly (in three dimensions) the cutter’s path through the record groove, then the signal extracted should be an exact replica of the one deposited in the groove by the cutter.

Let Don Jones Custom Stereo do this for you…..and it’s FREE when you purchase you stylus/cartridge from us….now through Christmas!

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